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Proteger a los profesores excelentes
Invertir en educación de alta calidad

en las escuelas del Valle de San Ramón

About Measure F

Vote Yes on F to protect our schools’ youngest learners and most vulnerable students.


Measure F funds are dedicated to specific academic and educational support programs that are essential for our youngest students, students at risk of falling behind, and those with special needs:

  • Support reading and literacy development for the youngest learners

  • Provide qualified classroom teachers specializing in students with special needs and counselors to support struggling students

  • Address student mental health needs


Our high-quality local schools have implemented specific, focused instruction to support literacy and other classroom skills and expanded counseling and tutoring aimed at helping struggling students keep up. These programs work. Early literacy data shows that these efforts are giving all our youngest learners the strong foundation in the basics they need to succeed.


Unfortunately, state government is ending funding for these essential programs. They will go away unless we can find local funding to protect them. 

Measure F is essential to protect these proven academic and classroom support programs. 

Strict Accountability Keeps Measure F Local and Ensures Results:

  • All funds are locally controlled and cannot be taken by the state

  • Funds can only be used to support the identified academic and student support purposes

  • No funds can be spent on administrators’ salaries and pensions

  • Citizens’ oversight annual audits ensure funds will be spent as promised

  • Senior citizen homeowner exemption


Protecting quality schools is a wise investment that improves the quality of life for our whole community and protects the value of our homes. 

Official Ballot Drop Boxes

Outdoor Drop Boxes are available 24/7 beginning on April 8, 2024 and close on May 7, 2024 at 8:00pm sharp.  Visit the Contra Costa County Election website for more information

Join local elected leaders, business owners, longtime residents, parents, and teachers
by voting Yes on E & F to maintain high-quality education in San Ramon Valley schools.

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