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Q: What is Measure E? A: Measure E is not a new tax. Measure E renews expiring funding that keeps excellent teachers and award-winning academic programs in our local schools. San Ramon Valley Unified School District has a long tradition of providing high-quality education and is one of the highest- performing school districts in the nation, with more National Blue Ribbon schools this past year than any other district in the state or nation. However, locally controlled funding that our schools have relied upon for the last 20 years is set to expire, unless we pass Measure E.

Q: What is Measure F? A: Measure F protects our schools’ youngest learners and most vulnerable students. Our high- quality local schools have implemented specific, focused instruction to support literacy and other classroom skills and expanded counseling and tutoring aimed at helping struggling students keep up. These programs work. Early literacy data shows that these efforts are giving all our youngest learners the strong foundation in the basics they need to succeed. Unfortunately, State government is ending funding for these essential programs. They are at risk of going away unless we pass Measure F to provide local funding to protect these proven academic and classroom support programs.

Q: Why are both of these measures needed? A: Both measures are needed because they support different academic programs and outcomes, and both are essential. Measure E renews existing voter funding for attracting and retaining high-quality teachers, STEM, and college and career readiness. Measure F protects essential programs that support the youngest students, students with special needs, and other vulnerable students—programs that risk ending when their state funding ends this year.

Q: Why do SRVUSD schools need additional funding beyond what the State’s funding formula provides? A: The State base funding only supports a basic education. We cannot rely on the State alone to provide the high-quality teaching and academic programs our community expects and our students need. Local voters understand this: for 20 years expiring local funding, combined with extensive parent donations, has allowed our local students to keep pace. Similar neighboring districts also supplement State funding with locally controlled funding. Measure E ensures local schools can keep pace.

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Q: How does SRVUSD funding compare to similar Districts? A: SRVUSD is among the five lowest funded unified school districts in California ( ). Due to the reality of how State funding is allocated, SRVUSD receives less. Measure E renews a 20-year tradition of voter-approved, locally controlled funding. Without Measure E our schools will struggle to attract the best teachers and ensure they don’t leave for nearby districts that can offer more competitive compensation. Many neighboring and similar districts have voter-approved funding and local funding for SRVUSD is actually among the lowest in the area.

Q: How exactly will Measure E protect excellent teaching and high-quality education? A: If Measure E does not pass, 56 teachers will need to be terminated. Measure E would continue to be used to: * Attract and retain skilled, experienced, and dedicated teachers * Support innovative academic programs in science, technology, engineering, arts, math, reading, and writing * Prepare students for college and careers * Provide career technical education

Q: How exactly will Measure F protect our schools’ youngest learners and most vulnerable students? A: Measure F funds are dedicated to specific academic and educational support programs that are essential for our youngest students, students at risk of falling behind, and those with special needs. If Measure F does not pass, these critically important support services for our most vulnerable students are at risk of drastic cuts. Local funding from Measure F would be used to: * Support reading and literacy development for the youngest learners * Provide qualified classroom teachers specializing in students with special needs and counselors to support struggling students * Address student mental health needs

Q: How can I be sure funds from Measures E & F would be spent as promised? A: Both Measures E & F include strict fiscal accountability requirements, including: * All funds will be controlled locally and cannot be taken away by the State * No funds can be used for administrators’ salaries or pensions * Independent citizens’ oversight and mandatory annual audits will ensure funds are spent as promised * Senior citizen homeowners will be eligible for an exemption from the cost

Q: Has SRVUSD been a good steward of past voter-approved funding?
A: Yes. The citizens’ Parcel Tax Oversight Committee (PTOC) has confirmed that the District spent
past voter-approved funding as promised. You can read the latest PTOC reports by clicking HERE.

Q: How much does Measure E cost? A: Measure E is not a new tax. It renews the expiring tax of $144 per parcel per year for 9 years with annual adjustments to help ensure that local schools can continue to attract and retain high- quality teachers and maintain award-winning academic programs. Senior citizens continue to be eligible for an exemption from the cost.

Q: How much does Measure F cost? A: Measure F costs $98 per parcel per year for 9 years to protect proven programs for our youngest learners and most vulnerable students. Senior citizens are eligible for an exemption from the cost.

Q: Are any exemptions available? A: Yes! Measures E & F both provide a full exemption from the cost of the measure for senior citizen homeowners aged 65 and over. This optional exemption is available to ensure the cost of the measure is not a burden to those on fixed or limited incomes. Low-income homeowners with disabilities are also eligible for an exemption. The forms can be found on the SRVUSD website:

Q: Would all Measure E & F funds benefit local public schools only? A: All funds from Measures E & F would benefit local public schools only. No funds can be taken by the State or used for other purposes.

Q: I don’t have children attending local schools. How does this impact me? A: Our award-winning schools are a crucial part of what makes our communities special. Exceptional academics and skilled teachers not only prepare local children for lifelong success, but they also protect the value of our homes here in San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, and Blackhawk.

Q: How long will Measures E & F be in place?
A: Both Measures E & F will last for 9 years and could not be extended further without voter

Q: How many votes do Measures E & F need to pass? A: In order to pass, Measures E & F must each be supported by 66.7% of those who cast a vote on the measures in the May 7, 2024 special election. It is critical we all take the time to vote Yes in this election to protect quality teachers and top-notch academics in San Ramon Valley schools.

Q: Who can vote on Measures E & F?
A: All registered voters living within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District boundaries can
vote on Measures E & F.

Q: When can I vote Yes on Measures E & F? A: Measures E & F will be on a May 7, 2024 ballot. All registered voters in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District will receive a ballot in the mail during the week of April 8th. As soon as you receive your ballot, please vote Yes on both E & F, follow the instructions to sign and date the outer envelope, and place it in the mail right away.

Q: How can I register to vote or learn more about voting?
A: You can register to vote at To find out more about voting in this
election, please contact the Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters at (925) 335-7800 or

Q: How can I get involved or learn more about Measures E & F? A: Our campaign is a grassroots organization of parents, teachers, and other community leaders dedicated to passing Measures E & F for local students. Some ways you can help pass Measures E & F include volunteering some time to spread the word about the measures, displaying a Yes on E & F lawn sign at your home, and adding your name to our list of supporters!

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